Good Sleep

is Self Love


Pillowcases, Pillows, and Sleep masks

Uniquely calming & customizable 

for at-Home and Travel  

Made in Nevada, USA with love

A woman laying in bed with her head on the pillow.
Not sleeping can be frustrating. That's why...
A woman is laying in bed under the covers
We added calming options to fall asleep faster...
A woman laying in bed with her arms outstretched.
Sleep longer and wake up feeling amazing.

Easy to Pamper Yourself Everyday. 

Soft ear plugs and hot-cold pack included

Comfort Gift Included

 NurtureLux® Comfy Kit: 

 A soothing warmth and cooling pack to

Relax your Eyes, Neck, and Shoulders. And,

A pair of Soft-Comfy Earplugs

for quiet when you need it to Rest Easy. 


A personal sanctuary.

Place the comfort pack in the NurtureLux neck or eye pocket sleeve.   You'll sleep like a baby.

NurtureLux Travel & Spa Collection

NurtureLux Comfy Collection

The First Patented Sleep-aid pillowcases with hot-cold therapy

  • A gentle sleep mask attached for When you need it. Zone out lights and distractions and sleep longer.

  • Calms and cocoons. Warm your ears and chest in a cool room as recommended for better sleep 

  • Warmth, cooling, or aroma therapy TheraPocket® soothes tension and headache pain. 

  • Better skin & hair while you sleep. Retains natural oils and moisture for healthier skin and hair.
  • Machine washable Feels wonderful on your skin, Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Easy bow look for decor. Beautiful on the bed. Then, it opens as two calming sleeves. A lasting gift she'll love.

Sleep is the first pillar of self-care.

Join us in supporting quality sleep, essential for our overall health and wellness. 

The Sleep Foundation says 1 out of 3 adults have trouble sleeping and even more for women.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, 30 day no-fuss return policy.

Your best sleep is our mission. Patented luxury with a variety of self-nurturing options for you to rest easier. 

TheraPocket® Selfcare Pillowcase 

Anti-aging, sleep-aid, hair & skin care + warmth or cooling comfort 

Soft Silver TheraPocket® Silk pillowcase Shown in King size


A pocket for warmth or cooling therapy pack to relax your neck, shoulders, or lower back. Relieves pain and tension.  Sleep and rest well.

Create a relaxing, self-care sleep routine for every day. Just for you. 



CuddleBow - Heatable, huggable meditation and spa pillow

Heatable neck and lumbar pillow

Heatable neck and lumbar pillow

The Best Travel Pillow

Versatile and easy to carry

A grown-up security blanket. Relaxing and cuddly. It supports your neck, lower back, and lumbar. Noise-dampening cushion keeps your ears warm and a soft padded satin eye mask. Three convenient pockets. Add heat or cool to rest. In two styles comfy cotton or nurturing luxury satin. Both are machine washable.

A little personal pillow for travel, your car, or an office chair to soothe and support.

Glowing skin and soft touchable health hair.

Glowing skin & soft healthy hair.



Thank you so much for supporting our woman-owned small business. ♥♥♥  "Reinventing the Luxury of Rest"  Stay connected, there's a lot more comfort to come.   Innovations for sleep health with four issued patents and five patents pending.    NurtureLux gives a portion to Three Square Food Bank