Benefits Of Using A Sleep Mask

It is quite common for most of us to not be able to sleep properly at night. When waking up rested has become a dream, every sleep aid we can get our hands on seems nothing less than a blessing. While medication is more often than not a last resort, sleep masks are a tool with proven benefits that we can rely on. Here are some benefits of using a sleep mask that will convince you it’s not just a frivolous expense.

Better Sleep Quality

The primary purpose of a sleep mask is to block out any light reaching your eyes. In our digital era, we have come a long way from sleeping when the sun goes down. Artificial light is all around us, affecting our sleep patterns, quality and our ability to fall asleep.

Exposure to light when we are trying to sleep confuses our biological clock. Sleep masks help with simulating complete darkness no matter where you are—sleeping at a new place, on a plane, or any irregular environment. They help in falling asleep quicker, so you can avoid the hours of restless tossing and turning and waking up baggy eyes the next morning. With a sleep mask on, you are less likely to check your notifications, or turn to your tablet. Your sleep will get disrupted less, and the overall quality of it will improve.

The Comfort

A silk sleep mask provides a soothing feeling on your eyes and face, allowing you to relax into a deep, restful slumber. The gentle pressure and soft material can be highly calming and assist to induce a state of serenity. They have a comforting effect that could encourage you to fall asleep quickly. Especially for people dealing with anxiety and stress, the calm feeling can help in winding down after a long day.

Prevents Dry Eyes

Dry air is filling your room and blowing on you while you sleep if you heat or cool your home centrally, and it may also stir up dust and pet hair that you weren’t even aware was floating about. While a sleep mask will not add moisture to your home, it will trap moisture in the area around your eyes, keeping them moist and protecting them from dust and allergies. A sleep mask can act as a barrier between your eyes and the impacts of your HVAC system.

Traveling Made Simple

If you’ve ever spent the weekend at a friend’s house or have to travel frequently, you’ve probably done everything from counting sheep to battling demons to get enough sleep. Fortunately, a mask can provide relief from micro-disruptions and unpredictable settings. It can prevent your body from going into “night watch” mode in unfamiliar environments. Not only does wearing a mask indicate to your brain that it’s time to wind down, but it’s also a fantastic solution for finding calm and regularity while sleeping in new places.

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