Are Silk Pillows Good For Your Curly Hair?

It’s no secret that taking care of curly hair is slightly difficult and requires extra love, but absolutely worth the effort. This is primarily because textured hair needs more moisture than straight hair since it is difficult for the natural oils to reach the ends. Perhaps this is why most curly girls struggle with dry, tangled, and frizzy hair.

If you are struggling to maintain your gorgeous locks and wake up with bed hair despite diligently following the Curly Girl Method(CGM), your cotton pillowcase might be the culprit here.

How Can Silk Pillow Covers Help Your Curly Hair?

Cotton and synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester can pull and tug your hair, which can cause breakage and exacerbate frizz. Your pillowcase can also affect your hair if it produces static, which can be common with materials like satin. However, since silk is a natural fabric and extremely soft to touch, your hair can easily glide over it with no tugging or breakage. Here’s why silk pillow covers for curly hairs are an ideal choice.

Preserve Curls- One of the biggest concerns of most curly hair people is maintaining their curls after a great washday. If you lose your curl definition the next morning after styling your hair, you should consider investing in a silk pillowcase. Owing to its soft texture, a silk pillow will prevent flyaways and frizz and ensure that your curls retain their shape.

Moisture Retention- The silk fabric is known for its moisture-wicking properties, which makes it an ideal choice for dry, textured hair. Because of the spiral pattern, sebum produced on the scalp has trouble getting to the areas that need it most – the lengths and ends which are prone to dryness, and since silk does not soak this oil, your hair will look soft and nourished even a few days after your washday.

Breakage Prevention- Cotton pillowcases, regardless of their quality and thread count, are rougher on hair than silk. As you move around in your sleep throughout the night, the rough texture of the former makes your hair prone to breakage. Additionally, the structure of curly hair is such that it lacks elasticity and is all the more prone to breakage.

Why is a Silk Pillow Cover Better Than a Bonnet?

There are a variety of products in the curly hair market that do the job of protecting your hair while you sleep. From hair buffs to bonnets, the list is endless! But if you are wondering why you should choose a silk pillow cover when there are so many options available, hold tight!

Your silk pillow cover not only helps prevent breakage and maintain the definition of your curly hair but also helps your skin retain its youthful glow. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent your delicate skin from sleep creases and premature wrinkle formation. It will also ensure that your cream and facial oils are not absorbed by your pillow as you sleep, leaving your products where they should be — on your skin. Not to mention, unlike a bonnet or a hair buff that can cause headaches, a silk pillow cover will ensure a luxurious indulgence.

So now that you know the benefits of a silk pillow cover, it’s time to rock those beautiful curls! If you are looking for silk pillow sleeves, check out our wide range of products at Lux Pillows Plus!

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