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NurtureLux™ Sleep Co.


ENurtureLux Sleep Company logovolved with a passion for wellness to revolutionize the way you sleep for home and travel. Our patented sleeping products are uniquely calming and will help you fall asleep more easily. Their self-care pillows and pillowcases are made from soft, luxurious vegan satin and luxe mulberry silk, which helps promote healthier hair and skin while you rest. The Sleep&ABow pillowcase is designed to look great on your bed, and the bow doubles as a comforting sleep mask and more. The TheraPocket pillowcase helps you set a relaxing bedtime routine. Lastly, the CuddleBow spa and travel pillow collection provides added support for your neck and back. All NurtureLux products are easy to care for and include self-soothing options.  LUX Pillows Plus organically evolved into solving my sleep problems.


Selena Porter, LUX Pillows Plus Founder, Patented Designer

Selena Porter,
Founder, Designer

LUX Pillows Plus, now NurtureLux™ was founded to design decorative pillows. Because pillows speak to my heart. You can change a few pillows on a bed, sofa or your favorite comfy chair and instantly lift your mood and comfort level without breaking the bank... And with the perfect pillow just close your eyes. You're in luxury.

For years I have struggled with not getting enough sleep. The problem is even worse after age 50. Lux Pillows Plus organically evolved into solving my sleep dilemma. As well as sleeping on satin or silk is great for your hair and skin care.

My lifelong passions are wellness and decorating. Wellness for me has four parts sleep, nutrition, exercise and peace of mind. Sleep is the optimizer of the other three. Sleep and peace of mind are the most challenging to keep a handle on in the midst of it all. The Sleep&ABow helps to solve my sleep problem. Designed from necessity and the bow on my bed reminds me of the awesome gift of waking up every day.

NurtureLux™ Lux Pillows Plus LLC  luxury therapeutic pillowcases, pillows and nurturing sleep accessories Satisfaction Guaranteed 30 day refund policy from the date of delivery. Our goal is your new LUX Pillows Plus product becomes your new favorite thing. We appreciate all your comments and suggestions. email us at

Lux Pillows Plus, Committed to developing new products and sourcing an exceptional selection or products to pamper and take better care of ourselves. Experience a personal sanctuary either at home or travel.

Recharging your body and mind has become undervalued and underappreciated in today’s culture. Sleep and quality rest is so much more than purely physical.

Self-Care Is not an Indulgence. Our overall health and wellness depends on it. Join us and stay connected. We are very excited about all that's to come.  “Reinventing the luxury of rest"

A pillow with a bow on it

The Gorgeous Bow is two sleeves for a multi-functional Sleep-Aid. Choose silk or satin.

Block light from electronics and morning sunlight.

Keep neck and chest warm for comfort and wellness. Sleep studies have recommended a cool room 65-72 degrees.

Each sash opens on one end, as a sleeve allowing you to insert warm, cold, or aromatherapy packs. Once inside, place the sash on your neck, shoulders, or back to relieve tension and soothe aching muscles also headaches or dry eye.

Made of a soft, polyester Satin or Silk fabric, the Sleep&ABow pillowcase is designed for optimal moisture retention, keeping your skin and hair moisturized. Make your beauty sleep count; include this luxurious pillowcase in your bed set!

This pillowcase is made of silky polyester satin fabric. As such, it is easy to care for and maintain. Simply pop it in the washing machine on warm and tumble dry on a low setting, then remove promptly. You can also iron the pillowcase on a low setting if wrinkles persist.

Bringing you luxury in a functional designs. Newly patented pillowcase

"I use my Sleep&ABow® every night. It helps me fall asleep by blocking light from a little blue gadget. In the mornings when the sun comes in, I can sleep a little longer."

-Eileen, Denver, Colorado

Sleep&ABow® works with your favorite pillow...It's reversible so you can choose one side for décor and the other for sleep. Available in king, queen and standard options and soon in sleep/nap size.

"The Sleep&ABow® makes a beautiful gift or the perfect way to Pamper yourself. I love it!" Lisa - Las Vegas, NV

Do you sometimes wake up too early as the sun comes streaming in?

Sleep&ABow® Sleep sham has Two versatile sashes for your comfort. Helps to block lights or breezes.

Sleep&ABow® a patented design.

A close up of the corner of a bed with beige sheets
A pillow with a bow on it sitting on top of a bed.

Sleep&ABow® or TheraPocket in Luxe Silk Twill

Ideal for your hair and skin! Prevents wrinkles and helps protect your hair's natural oils.


You’ll love the look and feel. Beautifully made for optimal comfort and wellness.

Makes a Great Gift: For the elegant man or woman in your life, these pillowcases make excellent gifts. From Christmas to birthdays or even just because, these pillowcases are sure to delight. Their aesthetic appeal combined with their anti-absorbent properties allow these pillowcases to grace your home with elegance and contribute to your quest for to talk about that